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How I Would Improve The Galaxy Nexus

  1. Make it easier to turn on. ICS took a great step forward with its software keys that reposition and rotate based on the device’s orientation. But a large amount of the benefit of these software keys was negated by requiring users to press a fiddly little button on one side of the device to actually turn the screen on.
  2. Improve the build quality. It is highly unlikely anyone can beat or even match the aesthetics of the iPhone 5. That said, users deserve more than the cheap, shitty plastic backs on the last two Nexus phones. A look and feel closer to the Nexus 7 would be great.
  3. Include a camera worth a damn. The camera in the Galaxy Nexus is indefensibly bad.
  4. Fix the placement of the speaker. Currently it is located on the back on the device.  Often if my phone is on a padded surface such as a couch, I fail to hear it ringing.
  5. Improve voice call quality. Like almost all smartphones, call quality is not great. Most smartphone users seem to just accept this, but we shouldn’t have to.
  6. Fix the automatic brightness. It’s next to useless as is.
  7. Address the pack-in headphones. Simply put, either include headphones worthy of the device, or don’t include any at all.
  8. Remove the excess trim from the device.

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